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Ever wished you could have someone to tell what to post every single day of the year? Your wish has come true! I have put together 365 simple ideas for you to post about on your social media, one for every single day of the year! Get your hands on 365 amazing ideas to promote you and your event & wedding brand. Created for wedding & event professionals.

I get told by wedding and event professionals all the time that one of the hardest things to do when it comes to social media, is trying to come up with content to post every day of the year. I often get told..

  • I know I need to post to grow my brand

  • I'd love to have more variety in my posts

  • I don't have enough event photos to post every day

  • I wish I was more confident when it comes to posting on your social media?

  • What hashtags should I use?

Debbie Marks

Founder of Luxury Event Business Hub

Business Growth Mentor

Content Ideas

Engaging content ideas tailored for wedding and event professional for every day of the year!

Take the Headache

out of Posting

Social media post ideas to use on all your socials. Facebook, Instagram, Linked In

Hashtag Ideas

Wish you could have someone write your hashtags for you.  We have given you suggestions you can copy and paste into your instagram.

"Wow! I literally never have to think again about what to post! It's all here!" 


"I always find it hard knowing what to post, this is going to make it so easy



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That's only 48p a week for an entire years of content ideas!

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